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Sending sms using php and mvaayoo API

Sending sms using php and mvaayoo API

Hello Friend, This Post is all about sending sms from the website using php code and mvaayoo API for sending sms. Mvaayoo is a sms gateway for sending sms. Using It  user can send bulk sms  in php send text message.

Sending sms using php

  • Now a day sms is common thing for getting information and promote our product through promotional sms. each and every e-commerce site send bulk sms to their customer  getting know about their new product and discount offer and etc.
  • Sms is core factor to attract customers and get more traffic for website. Thatsway sending sms using API . it’s easy and perfect way to implement this thing.
  • Now day each bank use sms facility for getting know about account balance, and ATM Transaction sms , etc this whole task did using SMSGETWAY.
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  Top SMS Getway In India

  1. Mvaayoo 
  2. horizone sms
  3. smsindiahub
  4. smszone
  5. way2mint
  • This SMS Getway are the best for the sending sms usin php. In this Tutorials I Use Mvaayoo API for sending sms.
  1. First You Need to create account in mvaayoo site.
  • Mvaayoo gives free 20 SMS for testing purpose only and it’s work only for 9AM TO 9PM (as per as Government rules).
  • So open account it’s totally free.
  • This is the home page of the mvaayoo.com.Mvayoo deshbord
  • First Register your email with mvaayoo.


  •  After Successful Registration you need to verify your email and mobile number through OPT.
  • Then After Login with your email and password and you will get 20 Free Credit for SMS and Voice SMS.


  •  Here I have left  8 Credit  but you will receive 20 credit.  This is the dashboard of the mvaayoo sms  getaway . Inside the API tab you will get all the api and demo code for sending sms.
  • The whole sms  system based on the HTTP Request to server for send the sms using CRUL API In php.
  • Look at out the API For php and other Programming Language.


  • I hide my email id and password for security . But here you will get your email id and password.
  • simple code is given for sending sms using php. Copy this code and save in .php file them run it will send sms to the pacified mobile no.
  • If you want more information about API integration, Then visit official document of Mvaayoo.
  • Here I include one demo file for getting more understanding about this API Integration.
  • Unfortunately Live Demo not possible because if it’s free for only 20 sms.  But i Covered in Gif file.



Send sms using php and mvaayo API


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