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How to detect mobile and tablet device using php code

php mobile detect

How  to detect mobile and tablet device using php code with mobile detect class. Using this class user easy get the version of mobile, browser of the mobile and manufacture details and etc.   detect mobile and tablet device using php On this technical technology, the net has now long past mobile. Internet site are made keeping in thoughts that humans may be accessing them their mobiles and tablets. Despite the fact that internet site are made with the css media queries which reply to the devices, it does now not gives minute info of the …

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Dynamic dropdown in cakephp 2.0 (Selectbox)

Dynamic dropdown and select box in cakephp 2.0

Hello Friend, In this post i want to show you how to create dynamic dropdown in cakephp 2.x using ajax auto populating Select boxes, country state city selectbox in cakephp, cake selection box, Dependent dropdown in cakephp. In this tutorials i want to demonstrate, How to create dynamic dropdown in cakephp. In cakephp this task become easy to develop dynamic dropdown country state city. Cakephp is one of the most popular frameworks in the market to develope web application, cakephp development team provide wonderful functionality to make it possible. Click here for what is cakephp. …

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Sending sms using php and mvaayoo API

Sending sms using php and mvaayoo API

Hello Friend, This Post is all about sending sms from the website using php code and mvaayoo API for sending sms. Mvaayoo is a sms gateway for sending sms. Using It  user can send bulk sms  in php send text message. Sending sms using php Now a day sms is common thing for getting information and promote our product through promotional sms. each and every e-commerce site send bulk sms to their customer  getting know about their new product and discount offer and etc. Sms is core factor to attract customers and get more traffic for website. …

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Ajax country state city dropdown using php & mysql

ajax country state city dropdown using php mysql

Hello friend this post is all about Daynamic Selection of Dropdown in php and Mysql using ajax and jquery. Country city and state dropdown mostly used in new registration of new user and etc. This tutorial will explain you how to make Dependent dropdown of country, state, and city, using ajax. You will find them implemented in various sites registration  form.when the user select country then second dropdown will populate with appropriate  states list then city like wise.. This Tutorials load the record dynamically from the database according the user input. with ajax call without …

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php login form, with mysql using jquery 2015.


How To Create php login form In Php with Mysql and Jqurey Now Day Php Became Most Popular language for web development project. Learn to create a simple login system with php & mysql and jqurey ,this tutorial is easy to follow, and easy to Learn How Login Work ? 1) Create Database [crayon-5cea581dc66d9535374248/]   2) connection.php Now Create Connection file Connect to database. We make sepreat file for better understanding. [crayon-5cea581dc66de694281514/]   3) login.php Now Create Main login.php file for login user. And also include script in this file for display message in animated …

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